Are you a fan of listening to podcasts? Chances are that the answer is yes if you've come to this page! For Me, what started as a way to keep putting my name out into the world has become something of a passion that I have chosen to keep doing.

So what Am I doing? I've now been running a few podcasts for a couple of years now. Starting in 2018 with Sparks of Interest and then following it up with Do Something Nice. Have I sparked your interest yet? Then read on!

Do Something Nice

Do Something Nice is a feel good podcast bringing you weekly positive stories and messages to help brighten your day. I welcome you to join in and listen to stories that recognize good deeds within our fellow humans and shares some positive advice to help you keep the faith that there are good people out in the world including yourself. Each episode also helps support My challenge to the world which is to “Do something nice for someone without being caught.” The idea that we should be doing kind things without the need for recognition.

You can learn more by visiting the Do Something Nice Website by visiting:

Sparks of Interest

The Sparks of Interest is a podcast about local topics that involve Sparks, NV.  I'm joined by co-host Dennis Bagley II and David Moser (Also, Peggy Rew who took a hiatus in season 3). We discuss things happening around our local areas, but we don't want to limit our audience to just the surrounding areas!  The topics we discuss may also apply to other cities nation wide so everyone is encouraged to subscribe to our podcast!  The topics we discuss are important to the community and we will try to provide you some useful non-partisan facts, so that you can make a decision about what matters to you. (We can't promise about our opinions though! Because we are full of those)  The atmosphere is fun, inviting, and fresh!  Just imagine a few friends sitting around, talking over coffee.  We have a lot to say, and it's all because we want to spark YOUR interest!!

You can learn more by visiting the Sparks of Interest website at: